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  • When do I consider surgery on my rotator cuff?

    Rotator cuff surgery can have a significant short-term impact on a patient’s life but can lead to huge gains in quality of life after recovery is complete. Knowing when to embark on this is an important part of the decision process with your surgeon.

  • What is the Rotator Cuff and What are the Symptoms of a Tear?

    A healthy rotator cuff is an important part of a pain-free, fully-functional shoulder. Find out what the rotator cuff is and what the symptoms of a tear might feel like.

  • Rotator Cuff Tear Risk Factors

    Many risk factors can contribute to rotator cuff tears and some can even prevent the proper healing of the shoulder after surgery. Dr. Garrigues discusses the impact of age, cholesterol levels, and smoking on the development and treatment of rotator cuff tears.

  • Custom Shoulder Implant Restores Pain-Free Function

    A difficult, eroded socket means minimal bone to securely implant a shoulder replacement. In these scenarios we can use restored custom solutions. Working with fantastic engineers to produce a patient-specific custom implant is a very powerful tool for such challenging cases. Visit and for more information.

  • Treatment of Rotator Cuff Tears

  • Poor posture while working from home during COVID pandemic causes shoulder problems

  • Shoulder Arthritis w/ Dr. Garrigues

  • Dr. G discusses NSAIDs

  • Dr. Garrigues moderates the ASES Fellow’s Core Curriculum Session: Failed Rotator Cuff Tears

    This series was designed to keep ASES Shoulder Surgery Fellows’ education progressing even during the COVID pandemic. Featuring top shoulder surgeons including ASES President Bill Levine (Columbia), Josh Dines (HSS), Vani Sabesan (Cleveland Clinic Florida), Ranjan Gupta (UC Irvine), and Gus Mazzocca (UConn).

  • Dr. Garrigues on the role of telemedicine and urgent orthopaedic care during COVID-19