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  • Computed Tomography Provides Effective Detection of Traumatic Arthrotomy of the Elbow

    While multiple clinical and cadaveric studies have validated the use of computed tomography (CT) to detect traumatic arthrotomies about the knee, other studies have called into question whether the use of CT to detect traumatic arthrotomy is applicable to the elbow.

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  • Causes of Shoulder Pain and Weakness

    Causes of shoulder pain and weakness can vary in both younger and older people. You might experience minor "clicks" and aches or have persistent, debilitating pain and severe restriction of motion.

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  • Diabetes tied to higher risk for frozen shoulder

    People with diabetes are more likely to develop frozen shoulder, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published online Jan. 4 in BMJ Open.

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  • Shoulder-Strengthening Exercises

    If you have pain in your rotator cuff, it may help to do shoulder strengthening exercises at home.The muscles that make up your rotator cuff can be prone to inflammation and tears if you do the same overhead motions too often.1 Making sure these muscles are strong enough is aAn important way to reduce tears or rotator cuff injury.

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  • An Overview of Shoulder Blade Pain

    Shoulder blade pain can have many different causes. Although you may assume you sustained an injury or simply slept in the wrong way, the pain might actually be related to your heart, lungs, spine, abdomen, or pelvis.

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